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Essentiel knowledge of proteins
Knowledge of the properties of proteins right down to atomic level is essential for making it easier and faster for the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture protein-based drugs in liquid form. Although, a variety of new therapeutic proteins have been developed showing therapeutic benefits in the treatment of ailments like diabetes and cancer, obtaining physical stability in formulations still remains one of the biggest challenges to pharmaceutical scientists. This is mainly due to the limited knowledge of the way these proteins interact in the solutions in which they are marketed.

The Consortium PIPPI
Scientists in the field of structural and computational biology, biophysics, protein formulation and stability have formed the consortium “Protein-excipient Interactions and Protein-Protein Interactions in formulation”, PIPPI. The overall goal is to develop a public database with cutting-edge knowledge about the properties of proteins in pharmaceutical formulations.

PIPPI, funded under the European Horizon2020 programme, is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) concerning the challenges in formulation of protein-based drugs. PIPPI will combine systematic investigations of the physicochemical behavior of a number of proteins with an in-depth understanding of the molecular interactions behind the macroscopic behavior. The overall objective is to develop methodologies, tools and databases to guide the formulation of robust protein-based therapeutics in the future.

The consortium consists of both academic and industrial partners located in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and United Kingdom. Each of the project partners contributes excellent competence in their particular areas.



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