Sowmya Indrakumar (ESR 2) presented a poster at the “Young Modellers’ Forum 2017 in London, UK (Nov 24th 2017)

Friday 24 Nov 17

Sowmya was selected to present a poster at the Young Modellers’ Forum in London. This event is hosted by the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society a charity formed in 1981 and run by volunteers from both from academia and industry with the aim of creating an interdisciplinary community that have a common interest in molecular modelling and graphics.

Poster title: Characterization of protein-excipient interactions for designing formulation

Description: Study focuses on the use of molecular docking and simulations methods to develop a computational approach that will enable to predict hotspots for protein-excipient interactions and relative binding affinities of excipients to the proteins to rank excipients.

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