4 ESRs attended PEGS Europe 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal (Nov 13th - 17th 2017)

Monday 13 Nov 17

Alina, Christin, Lorenzo and Sujata attended the “2017 Protein and Antibody Engineering Summit” in Lisbon each presenting their research results in form of a poster. In addition, Lorenzo (ESR 8) was selected to give an oral presentation about the “Application of artificial neural network in the development of protein formulation”. PEGS Europe is the largest European event covering all aspects of protein and antibody engineering. Various talks with relevance for the PIPPI project on Antibody-drug conjugates, protein purification, optimization & developability, analytical characterization and aggregates & particles were held. In addition, short workshops gave the chance to gain a sound understanding of different topics (e.g. protein aggregation and protein engineering). Other PIPPI partners present at the event included MedImmune Inc., Roche, NanoTemper Technologies. Professor Christopher J Roberts, member of the advisory board for the PIPPI project, gave a keynote presentation on the “Approaches to predict protein-protein interaction and their impact on product properties”.


PIPPI ESRs at PEGS Lisbon: Lorenzo (ESR 8), Christin (ESR 1), Christoph Grapentin (Roche) Sujata (ESR 3) and Alina (ESR 15)


“PIPPI” ESR posters presented at PEGS Europe 2017 in Lisbon

C. Pohl (ESR 1)

S. Mahapatra (ESR 3)

L. Gentiluomo* (ESR 8)

A. Kulakova (ESR 15)

“Characterization of protein solution structure using light scattering techniques and SAXS”


“Effects of molecular crowding in protein formulation”


“Application of artificial neural network in the development of protein formulation”


“Stability study on Human Serum Transferrin”

*held an oral presentation on his poster


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